Frustrating Lessons for Navigating the Healthcare System

You and me both Stitch 🙂

This will always leave me momentarily speechless, but there actually are a lot of people who believe that the healthcare system in the United States lives up to its optimal potential. Let’s just say that those people and I aren’t on the same page.   Crap, we’re not even reading the same book.  We may be in a completely different language, for goodness sake. Continue reading


Up in the middle of the night again? Me too!

Probably one of the most irritating things about my disorder is that I can’t sleep through the night… The pain normally wakes me up at around 5 AM-ish and then I’m up for an hour or two until the medicine reduces my pain enough for me to sleep again…. So I have a lot of sleepless nights.  You’d think I’d get bored since the whole world is sleeping and infomercials are the only thing on, but I have successfully found something to occupy myself at times like these. Continue reading